Frequently Asked Questions

Apple Music Electron is now discontinued. Instead there is now Cider! Cider isn't just a modded version of the Apple Music website, it's a standalone application that's been programmed from scratch!
Cider is an open source and cross-platform Apple Music client, with support for Apple Podcasts. It's fast and beautiful.
If you want the most stable experience, you can get Cider (Beta) from Microsoft Store.
We offer more releases in our GitHub, (also for other OS such as linux and macOS) you can access from our releases repository.
Cider does not currently support lossless audio. This is because the core software Apple has forced us to use does not yet support it. If one day Apple adds support for lossless audio to this software, we'll add it to Cider. Cider only supports up to 256 kbps AAC at the moment.
Unfortunately, Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio stuff also works as stated in the question above. It's impossible for us to get them to work without Apple adding support.
However You may want to try Cider Tuned Audio Spatialization made by Maikiwi which sounds close to Atmos.

For more information, join the Official Cider Discord Server.