Cider is more than just another music client

At the Cider Collective, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled excellence. Not only does Cider offer a refreshing alternative to Apple's native music client, it completely changes the way you experience music. So don't miss your chance; try Cider today. You'll feel the difference.

FEATURECiderCider ClassicMusic PreviewApple Music WebmacOS Music App
iCloud Library
Community Driven
Native and Discord Integration
Apple Music Sing 1
Seamless Library Browsing
Visual Customization 2
Audio Enhancements
Listen Together
Custom Themes and Plugins 3
1 - Support for Adjustable Vocals not currently included.
2 - These features can range from Adaptive Colors, to setting the player position to enabling/disabling various UI elements.
3 - Cider 2 is currently in beta, and is pending this feature.

Don't just take our word for it

Cider is the go-to choice for thousands of talented individuals (0 to be exact) like you! Our vibrant community is at the heart of everything we do. See what some of our satisfied users have to say...

"After making the switch to Apple Music mid-2022, a Windows music client was all I needed to solidify the switch. Cider brings that and more to the table, with integrations for, Spotify, and Discord, making it THE definitive music client for chronically online peeps."


"I'm a huge believer in trying a product before paying for it. I have to say, this is 100% worth $.99 to play Apple Music. This does exactly what you need, is extremely smooth and not full of bloatware. Recommend this for anyone who is sick of iTunes, but loves Apple Music on their iPhone. "


"The only real drawback to Apple Music for me was the lack of a decent app for Windows. This seems to be a godsend for Window users. About 3 minutes into the trial period I knew this was the solution I was hoping for."


"Love the search shortcuts, makes getting to songs so much faster!!! I also really love the Spotify playlist converter, lets me seamlessly switch platforms"


"Cider is the only well made Apple Music library I could find for windows. The animations of the lyrics look fantastic and look like they were taken from my iPhone"


"Downloaded out of curiosity and it's AMAZING!! and everything is super smooth! Songs load quickly & LIVE LYRICS?! Looks great on the side pop up, it's already better than iTunes. Thank you for this amazing app!"


"I would say its like Apple made it, but honestly, considering the bugs on Apple's own clients for iOS and Mac, they did a better job than Apple probably would have."


"Cider has singlehandedly fixed my marriage! Thank you Cider team!"


"The spotify playlist convertor is a life saver! Best feature so far"


Last updated on March 19, 2024