Richer Cider Installation and Setup

Step 1:

Download & Install NodeJS & NPM at

Step 2:

Download & Install Git at

Step 3:

Install pnpm using the following command

npm install --global pnpm

Step 3:

Open up command prompt and use the following command to clone vencord

git clone

Step 4:

Create a file called richerCider.desktop.tsx in the src/plugins folder (Git created a folder called Vencord in wherever your terminal was (make sure it's not in system32)).

Copy and Paste this code into the file.
import { Link } from "@components/Link";
import definePlugin from "@utils/types";
import { Forms } from "@webpack/common";
const appIds = [
export default definePlugin({
  name: "richerCider",
    'Enhances Cider (More details in info button) by adding the "Listening to" type prefix to the user\'s rich presence when an applicable ID is found.',
  authors: [
      id: 191621342473224192n,
      name: "cryptofyre",
  patches: [
      find: '.displayName="LocalActivityStore"',
      replacement: {
        match: /LOCAL_ACTIVITY_UPDATE:function\((\i)\)\{/,
        replace: "$&$self.patchActivity($1.activity);",
  settingsAboutComponent: () => (
      <Forms.FormTitle tag="h3">
        Install Cider to use this Plugin
        <Link href="">Follow the link to our website</Link> to
        get Cider up and running, and then enable the plugin.
      <Forms.FormTitle tag="h3">What is Cider?</Forms.FormTitle>
        Cider is an open-source and community oriented Apple Music client for
        Windows, macOS, and Linux.
      <Forms.FormTitle tag="h3">Recommended Optional Plugins</Forms.FormTitle>
        I'd recommend using TimeBarAllActivities alongside this plugin to give
        off a much better visual to the eye (Keep in mind this only affects your
        client and will not show for other users)
  patchActivity(activity: any) {
    if (appIds.includes(activity.application_id)) {
      activity.type = 2; /* LISTENING type */

Step 5: Move the terminal.

cd Vencord

Step 6: Install Depenencies

pnpm install

Step 7: Build with the plugin

pnpm build

Step 8: Open the Vencord Injector.

Discord needs to be closed before you do this ```bash pnpm inject ```

Step 9: Using the GUI

Patch Discord

Step 10: In Vencord Settings:

Enable the richerCider plugin

Step 11: Profit

You're no longer allowed to update Vencord, though in most cases Discord updates should be ok, if not just go back to Step 8