Support (Releases)

Support is fully provided to all releases made on GitHub. Please open an issue, and we will try and fix the issue ASAP. Upon issues being fixed, you will need to wait until the next release if you wish to experience the fixed version in a stable state.

Support (Compiling)

If you experience issues in the compiling process, support is not provided. All commits made will generate a release, these can be found here. We advise you to revisit the compiling guide if you experience issues.

Support (Nightly/Beta Releases)

In Nightly/Beta releases the same applies as with normal releases: Support is fully provided and feel free to open an Issue on GitHub if you have problems. However, with these types of releases, you need to remember that they are non-stable releases and you may encounter issues. These builds of the application do not reflect the complete state of the app in any way.

Support (Third Party)

No support is provided outside the releases made on GitHub and on the Microsoft Store. Issues for external packages (AUR, Flatpak, Snap, etc.) should be opened with the relative repository/platform, or by contacting the author.