Cider 1.5.1 Update - Local File Support!


Yo so, second time doing this but heres the newest update for Cider, Cider 1.5.1. This one has a lot in it and some things that many of you have been asking for :)


Local Files


Yes, its finally here! Although the Ui is not complete yet, you can now direct Cider to a folder of your choosing with your Locally stored music and a new tab will appear in the sidebar called Local Library. Right now it just shows all your songs, but in the future, Ui will be developed for it and will show Albums and more stuff.

This will support all common file types, including FLAC meaning, yes, you can playback lossless music in Cider, as long as your Local Music is in that quality. Cider will even tell you what qualitiy the song is in by hovering over the Lossless icon just like MacOS.

Friends Profiles


This was an unexpected feature that we managed to add and i love it, these are profiles, you can find yours on iOS by clicking on your profile picture and clicking profile. Its where friends can follow you and your public playlists show up, along with what your friends are listening to.

In this inplementation to Cider, you can only see these profiles by searching up the name of the profile and scrolling to the bottom. It only lets you view the profile and open playlists but doesn't let you follow them, see what they are listening to or who they are following. Either way its a really cool feature.

Hero Banners


These are like the banners you see when you visit an artists page but for Albums. Apple have had this for a while, even on iTunes, but to my knowledge don't use it much of anywhere. By going to an album that supports it, you will see a banner next to the artwork.

Artist Hero covers

Similarly to the above, these are the same but for artist pages. Since some artists don't have a animated banner, they might have a static one which is what this is.

Animated Album Covers in Fullscreen

Yes! Another requested feature you even want on iOS some of you.. Animated Artwork now works in fullscreen.

New settings page


Settings page got an overhaul, looks much better now.

Copy/Paste songs into playlists

Self explanatory but has been requested and is a cool feature.

Radio stations Support


Radio stations are now supported in Cider, you can play radio stations, see the song names and add songs to library (Note: This only supports live Radio Stations and not Episodes)

Other Improvements:

  • OOBE
  • COCS (Audio Lab)
  • Redesigned search in playlists, now uses search button
  • Redesigned about page, buttons are now colored and new links to dev's twitter and github
  • Last FM overhaul
  • Improvements for MacOS users
  • Lyrics overhaul, faster and fixing translation bugs
  • Ability to change element scale

Some major bug fixes, not all of them tho:

  • Performant logging is on by default (faster Cider)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Album Genre names to be wrong
  • Cast/Airplay fixes
  • Reduced RAM usage
  • MXM patches and fixes.

And that's all, a good packed update with a lot in it. We at the Cider team hope you enjoy this update as much as we do :)