Cider Release 2.4.0

Cider Release 2.4.0

What's new:

  • New Immersive Coverflow ✨
    • Coverflow queue view is now available in Immersive mode
    • Has a default 2D style and a 3D style
  • New Column Browser 🌎
    • Adds AM/iTunes style column browser to the library songs view allowing easy filtering by Artist, Album, and Genre
  • Added General -> Behavior -> Play Button on Stopped Action
    • Allows you to choose what happens when you press the play button while when no music is queued, right clicking the play button at any time will also allow you to perform any of the actions whenever you want
      • Do Nothing
      • Play Recent Tracks (default)
      • Play Recently Added Tracks
      • Play New Music Mix
      • Shuffle Library Songs
  • Nanoleaf integration (macOS and Linux only at the moment)
  • Added Toggle Favorites Keybind for Command/Control + Shift + L


  • "Listen Now" is now "Home" following inline with the official Apple Music apps
  • Your social profile is now shown at the bottom of the sidebar along with the main menu next to it.
    • This can be reverted back to the previous behavior of no social profile and main menu in the top bar via Visual -> Window
  • Buttons like shuffle, column browser, sort, search, etc. are no longer disabled while the library is refreshing


  • Added in development experimental settings (Experiments -> In development)
    • These temporary settings are for features in active development that will change frequently, so there may be very verbose options used for testing. These settings are discarded when the feature is completed and have their own settings.


  • Improvements to Immersive portrait modes and how they scale
  • Added Library Songs, Albums, Artists, and Recently Added as startup page options
  • ClearType font rendering improvements
  • Adjustments to lyrics styling
  • "No lyrics found" will no longer show in Immersive
  • Added queue to playlist button
  • Added option to hide lyrics when not available in Immersive
    • Visual -> Immersive -> Hide Lyrics When Unavailable


  • Changes to how library content is stored and handled
    • Songs added to library now more reliably refresh the library view to show the new song
  • Cider on Windows (Sabiiro) now uses WebView2 version 123. Updated from version 119.


  • Fixes to Close to Tray which should operate correctly on all platforms.
  • Add to library button patched to scale correctly on smaller scales.
  • Various backend changes to Electron
  • Fixed the Play/Pause button sometimes taking a moment before showing the other icon
  • Window is now draggable while settings dialog is opened