Cider 2.x Beta 16

Cider 2.x (Beta 16)

Happy Monday! Getting cold, innit?

Today is mainly about giving Cider 2's Audio Lab the love it deserves over 1.


  • Added configurable max volume property for the volume slider.
    • Currently only configurable through DevTools' Console:
    CiderApp.config.set("audio.maxVolume", 0.45);
  • Added option for advanced dB SPL tooltip in place of % under Visual -> Advanced.
    • Built mainly for audio enthusiasts like me to take care of our ears.
    • The description should be rather self-explanatory but feel free to ping Maikiwi for questions.
  • Fix Spatial Profile Names (was showing internal codenames).
  • General cleanup and performance uplift. (~8%)
  • Removed CAP Legacy and Static Compilation Mode.
  • Revised CAP Adaptive to "Adaptive+", which is the one that was set to be released with the thanksgiving update. I HIGHLY encourage you to try this version if you HATED prev. CAP.

General UI/UX:

  • Lyric Scrolling is anywhere from ~25-50% more responsive to the actual vocals.
    • This includes a fix that addresses lyric view glitching due to more than one vocal at a time.
    • "think almost everyone will come all over that" (qwack -> maikiwi on this change)
  • Add the 'add to library' button for places that need it.
  • Option for Discord RPC to clear on pause.
  • Fixed occasional analytics hanging the client.