Cider 2.x (Beta 18 Patch 1)

Happy Sunday! Hope you are all having a great weekend.

Below you can find a summary of what can be found in this patch:

  • Various fixes to Connect listen party functionality.
  • Compatibility fixes to make app functional on ARM systems.
  • More relay commands added for further development with Connect.
  • Fixes to time seeking and volume control.
  • Playlist artwork should now load faster due to a reduced image size.
  • Various development changes to make our lives easier.
  • Audio lab normalization fixes.

As Christmas approaches us, we've been making a few small patches as we slow down development in the approach to the holiday.

This build also contains various changes for compatibility for the Cider remote.

Previous Changes

As we're very bad at keeping changelogs, here's a summary of changes since the last log:

New Features:

  • Cider remote relays
  • Better Apple Music sing
  • Banners on album pages
  • Dynamic search

The Cider Remote test flight can be joined from here.