Cider Release 2.3.2


2.3.2 (2024-03-15)


  • added contrast, saturation controls to immersive (a5979cd)
  • added dislike state to store (7a8b72d)
  • added dotenv and more types (4ae30fd)
  • changed immersive menu styling (522ab98)
  • dmg: Update dmg image and correct config (008a6aa)
  • import: Improve search accuracy on Spotify Importing and Prevent Blocking (ac9a6da)
  • improved narrow window sidebar (242d84e)
  • MediaItemProperties: Remade with passing minimal values, more efficient checks and cleaner code (4a29f48)
  • relay: autoplay toggling and passing (7ebb82b)
  • relay: pass full tall animated artwork (8dddad2)
  • remote: animated artwork passing (48ad25e)
  • update icons and bundle id (03a3ea3)

Bug Fixes

  • add current time for remote back and change to isPlaying for playback state (4a4a8e4)
  • angry typescript (397dfca)
  • brackets (fada2fe)
  • C#523: Favorites are now fetched on all playlist views (f1bc8ac)
  • C#530: Truncate details and state on DiscordRPC to meet restrictions (0150aaf)
  • C#532: only show autoplay icon when item is queued (196e5ef)
  • change default client for rpc to Cider (2aefb26)
  • chromecast: move over to typed variant and fix previous changes (353be4e)
  • ci: Remove pr.yml (4ba8eca)
  • electron: Close error (54b6f07)
  • favouriting (5d831d3)
  • helpers: move helpers about, fix logicalData function, move over to new favorites api (c814e86)
  • icons and remove redundant viles (e84aa79)
  • immersive: Context menu background inconsistencies (ebf1daa)
  • immersive: tab switching bug (d41d49e)
  • immersive: tab switching bug (00fbba0)
  • lastfm on sabiiro will temporarily enable RPC if not enabled (9cf30e2)
  • lcd: favouriting playing library items no longer errors out (fd87eb2)
  • listen-together: Parties failing to create due to missing link (b835fac)
  • middleware: fix issues with middleware failing (aeb68b4)
  • mpris: Fixed behavior for all listeners and corrected playback position (b4d8857)
  • package: Electron version correction (31df825)
  • playlist folder type weirdness (68ee967)
  • preload and moved to build dir over resource (0cabc1d)
  • rating fetch for nowplaying errors (3b62689)
  • rating: redo with new rating functions (0912a4b)
  • redo of liking, disliking and library state persistence (590b10b)
  • relay: clearing all (690b745)
  • relay: empty the command as soon as possible (be2c0d0)
  • release artifact names (274cc95)
  • removed listening party check that kicks the user out (65c1920)
  • setting volume via rpc will now affect volume bar (a5979cd)
  • setting volume via rpc will now affect volume bar (31e1d44)
  • vol: exponential volume normalization (d648c11)
  • vol: round to 5dp to prevent normalisation issues at 5% of lower vol (fa47c7d)

Miscellaneous Chores