Cider 2.x Beta 14

Cider 2.x (Beta 14) Changelog

Happy afternoon! We have another build in store for you.

  • Added All Playlists link under playlists
  • Improvements to Cider Connect authentication
  • Cider Connect no longer breaks playback
  • Added General > Privacy > Analytics Level
    • (Default: None)
  • Spotify playlist import now displays percentage complete
  • Updated small portrait player
  • Immersive now scales to small portrait
  • New volume slider with mouse scroll wheel support
    • (Volume steps can be configured from the developer console until an option is added in settings, example: CiderApp.config.get("audio.volumeStep", 0.5) it can be anywhere from 0.01-0.5)
  • Added additional settings for Mica-ish
    • Blur Amount
    • Saturation
    • Brightness
    • Contrast

As always all the builds are available in #prereleases for donators. Have a great Thanksgiving Break if you celebrate it!