Cider 2.x Beta 20

Cider 2.x (Beta 20)

🥳 Happy New Year! Here's our first beta of 2023.

First beta build in a while, but we have been putting in a few new features throughout the holiday.

In this build:

  • New home page design with a more modern and personalised look.
    • The new welcome message uses your Cider Connect username or your Apple Music Social Profile name.
    • This is still being worked on and may change.
  • UI fixes, shadow changes and other miscellaneous visual changes.
    • A new configuration option to disable the album banner's editorial layout has been added.
    • Lots of the latest changes are the team optimising the interface for UWP.
  • Translations are no longer bundled into the application (Electron Only Currently).
    • We now fetch translations on startup, which reduced bundle size a fair bit.
  • Additional changes have also been made on the backend:
    • Playlists have been moved to our v3Turbo call for more performant loading.
    • Some setup for LastFM within Cider Connect has been added.
    • Further work on Spotify integration within the app has been done.

There's a few other things, but version tracking has gone out the window. Enjoy the build!