Cider 2.x Beta 30

Cider 2.x (Beta 30)

Happy Late Easter! 🎉

First things first, we're terrible at maintaining these logs, only boops is making changelogs for releases, so enjoy this changelog of a ton all changes from April 1st to present (including remix branch changes), all other changes I've just given up with, with that I just skipped 8 beta versions because why not.

Features and Improvements

  • Pinned items have been added to the home page.
    • These can be added via the context menu on any Media Item
    • A menu to edit the pinned items can be found on the home page
  • A new search bar at the top of the page has been added, giving users search suggestions and moving the Browse, Listen Now and Radio pages to the sidebar.
  • A new vibrancy option has been added, Tabbed Mica.
  • A new UI for the listen together party view has been added.
  • An AI assistant named Saki has been added into Cider (can be turned in in Settings), this is very early in development and is limited in what responses it can give.
  • Shortcut for Ctrl+F will now invoke the search bar.
  • A button to shuffle a users song library has been added.
  • Added new button in settings to allow users to manually reset their ClientDB.
  • Searching albums, playlists and the library pages now happens in a much more efficient manner, and is much faster.
  • API option for Recently Added has been clarified and has been merged into the same page as the ClientDB.
  • Mica has been disabled for users on Windows 10 due to it causing the window to be unreadable

Squashed Issues

  1. Disabled search suggestions when searching library (#146)
  2. Fixed issue with duplicate entries on artist page with pinned items (#142)
  3. Explicit songs now playing for certain users (#140)
  4. Sorting now persists for library pages and playlists:
  • #128
  • #135
  • #138
  1. Turbo calls no longer fail on certain editorial pages / playlists (#124)
  2. Duplicate songs fail to prompt user to remove duplicates (#19)
  3. Share buttons have now been fixed to correctly copy the URL to clipboard (#104)

Final Notes

  • With the ClientDB no longer having the Out of Memory error, more functionality has been added to support it, I strongly recommend enabling it in settings when you can in order for us to get the most test coverage possible.
  • Various other styling changes have been made throughout the UI that I've probably missed, its not that easy to read commit logs for this.