Cider Release 2.1.0

🔥 What’s New

  • Detailed Credits on Track Properties from iOS 17
  • New Cider Audio preset: ATH-M40x
  • Added Social Profiles and Shared Playlists to Catalog search
  • New Page Transitions
    • Prioritizing performance, animations might be skipped for maintaining smoothness.
    • Disabling this feature: Settings > Visual > Advanced > View Transitions
  • Sweetener styling
    • Custom UI Accent and Tint Color options
    • Immersive background for the main app view
    • Custom CSS
  • AMP Lyrics Added: Settings > Visual > Lyrics > Use AMP Lyrics
  • Added Background Speed based on BPM: Settings > Visual > Immersive > Background Speed Based On BPM
  • Recently Viewed Content
    • Stores the last 20 items and persists between sessions Settings > Advanced > Tweaks New Playback Progress Bar Added Tweak “Use iOS Style” Added Tweak “Use Accent Color” Changes to Immersive Rendering improvements and a new dynamic max brightness setting Replaced Close/Fullscreen buttons with a menu button “Sonoma” Immersive style, inspired by iOS 17 New Visual options in Visual > Advanced Settings > Advanced > Enable “Flavor Hack” General support for some live local radio stations Added Tweaks Search Bar / No Landing Page On Focus Lyrics / Enable Third Party Sources 🔄 What’s Changed Improvements to artist chips in playlists/albums Major overhaul of ClientDB Playlists now support live updating All MusicKit calls now use language specified within Cider Visual upgrades to Sing lyrics Mica can now be masked over when Window Vibrancy is set to “None” Minor visual tweaks to Settings pages Search bar in Search page while using Tabs as the center widget will now use the new search bar Various minor styling changes throughout the app Playlist contents can now be added into another playlist Collab playlists have been moved into their own section Change to Volume control to reflect new playback bar Sabiiro minimum window size has been lowered to 480x365 Sabiiro RPC stability improvements 🛠️ What’s Fixed Issue with API change preventing playlist listings from loading correctly Recently Added not working correctly after first load Issue with adding songs to empty playlists Queueing issues with song list collections Few issues with Saki Listening parties on Cider Connect Discord RPC artwork under Electron Discord RPC with Sabiiro Issue where playlists with more than 1000 songs would fail to queue Library search clear button not working Fixes to AirPlay and draggable sidebars Song metadata should now be properly localized Adjustment to lyrics spacing Social profile bubbles not loading correctly CTRL + Left / Right in text fields being interrupted LastFM changes: Added Connectivity / LastFM / Remove Extension 🧪 Misc Added a list view option to Albums Improved CI for automatic Steam build updates Several components migrated to the Composition API (Vue) Updated to Vue 3.3 Moved all playlist related code to TypeScript Cider-2 was renamed to Cider2 Stay tuned for more updates! Your feedback is essential, so feel free to share any thoughts and suggestions.