Cider Release 2.3.0

Cider 2.3.0

What's new


  • Added light mode
    • Can be set in Visual -> General -> Color Scheme
  • New layouts available
    • Calico - Based on Mojave, features a split view styled layout
    • Montara - Based on Mavericks, features a split view styled layout
  • New Player Types
    • Comfy – What’s typically default in Cider, commonly recognizable.
    • Compact – a new slim experience for folks in need of extra vertical space or have portrait monitors.
    • Compact Inline – an alternate version of Compact that allows for even more compactness, and inline icons.
  • Improvements to Mavericks
    • Navigation is now inlined with content
    • Fixes to badges in now playing LCD
    • Moved some controls into the player
    • Various fixes to inconsistancies
  • Deprecated ClientDB in favor of new caching system
  • New content caching solution
    • Speed increase to library sections of the app after they've been loaded for the first time
    • Signifigantly less network + disk activity on startup
  • Implemented background refreshes for content
    • Refreshes only occur when the app is focused, they are paused when the app is in the background to save resources.
  • Built-in keybindings now use Meta (Apple) key when on macOS
  • New custom overlay scrollbars for various components
  • Fixed WinUI style title bar always being centered
  • Fixes scrollbars on Windows (v103 of WebView2)
  • Unplayable items will now display why they are unplayable
  • Reduced non-playback background activity when not in focus for less resource usage
  • Fixed an issue where some MediaItems would load their tracks for an artwork collection they are not using
  • Fixes to storefront content
  • Fixed Playlist Refresh notification
  • Alt + Enter will enter set the app to fullscreen for Windows and Linux
  • OOBE now has a section for choosing a layout
  • Fixed window vibrancy not working correctly on macOS
  • Various LastFM fixes
  • Fixes playlist list in context menu randomly opening
  • 'Love' has been changed to 'Favorite'
  • Ultra Wide setting in Advanced now fully uncaps the width (any visual errors that occur because of this being enabled will not recieve a lot of support)


  • Audio Quality can now be forced and set in the “Audio” category, available types: 64kbps (Low), 256kbps (High)
  • Flavor Hack has been removed in exchange for the new bitrate handler.
  • Equalizer added to Audio Lab settings. (Experimental feature, needs to be enabled in Settings > Experimental)


  • Experimental Podcast Support in Settings > Experimental

Playlists / Albums

  • Added Playlist Suggestions (from iOS 17.1)
    • Suggested tracks can be added and previewed from this panel
  • Better caching for faster loading
  • 'Love' has been changed to 'Favorite' for iOS 17.1 consistency.
  • Added favorites indicator to tracks
  • Various performance and loading speed adjustments
  • Optimized number of API calls when navigating to playlist / album pages
  • Putting in place some support for future official Collaborative playlists
    • Collaborators are now displayed on playlists and individual tracks
  • Added setting: Visual -> Content Preferences -> Popularity Threshold
    • Allows you to adjust the minimum popularity required for indicators to be displayed next to a track.
  • Tracks can now be previewed in the playlist editor


  • Added Immersive catalog browser
    • Browse your library or the Apple Music catalog from inside Immersive
  • New layout: One Classic
    • Modeled after the original Immersive layout from the Cider 2 Alpha
    • Has the full Mojave playback bar
    • Static artwork position
    • Has a shortcut to the catalog browser on the player
  • New Background Types
    • Simple Artwork - The current tracks artwork but blurred and filtered
    • Simple Color - The current tracks color scheme as the background supplied by the Apple Music API
  • Fixed default background not working for iCloud uploaded tracks
  • Player controls now time out with inactivity, hiding the cursor
  • Immersive One layout
    • Changed size of artwork
    • Simplified metadata display when controls have timed out
  • Artwork now shows fallback color until the image has loaded


Huge improvements to lyrics ⚡

  • New more optimized scrolling code
  • Scrolling curve and duration can be modified from Visual -> Lyrics
  • Scrolling performance improvements
  • Fixes issue where speed of scrolling is inconsitant between different monitor refresh rates
    • macOS users should notice a dramatic improvement over previous lyrics
  • Sing style lyrics now flicker less
  • Lyrics Romaji Support
    • Can be enabled via the “Translations” feature in the Lyrics settings, find translation styles with “-romaji”
  • Added Tweaks -> Lyrics -> Sing Lyrics Everywhere
    • Sing Lyrics are now going to be disabled outside of Immersive by default for better initial performance.


Overhauled current miniplayer to match Apple Music Preview & Apple Music (macOS)

  • Miniplayer now matches AMP & AMM counterparts.
  • Lyrics can now be viewed from miniplayer
  • Microplayer available to shrink it down even more
  • New Mini-Context menu.

Library Songs

  • Added favorites badges
  • Added "Favorites Only" toggle
  • Improved Appearance
  • Column View similar to iTunes/AM official clients.
  • Date release is now displayed.
  • Genre is also now displayed.

Artist page

  • Items now show their release date
  • Styling changes
  • Songs can be right clicked to quickly shuffle all library songs.
  • Adjusted font spacing to better fit custom fonts.
  • Sidebar can now be shrunken into a "Compact" form, similar to AM Preview.
  • Sidebar is now space aware and will enter a popout mode if Window is too small.


  • Revamped settings panel
  • Added Advanced -> Tweaks, allows for more diverse control over specific app functions/appearances.
  • Added several Appearance related settings under Visual.
  • Rearranged several settings to more obvious locations
  • Added Audio -> Show Badges
  • Added Audio -> Exponential Volume
    • Uses a more traditional volume curve instead of precise percentage values, like Spotify and other clients.


  • Various Keybinds added around the app, can be adjusted in General -> Keybinds.
  • Alt + Enter will now enter Fullscreen for Windows & Linux
  • Built-in Keybinds now use Meta (Apple) key when on macOS.
  • Spacebar will now toggle music playback.

Languages & Region

  • Changing language will also change your Browse, Listen Now, etc. storefronts to their respective place. (Japanese -> Japan)
  • Various Language adjustments, loading entailments.
  • English has been renamed to English (United States), and English (United Kingdom) accordingly.


  • Added Play button to items in the Queue
  • Added Remove button on Queue Items


  • WebSockets (available on Windows only at the moment) can be enabled under Connectivity
    • Electron support is in the works
  • Cider ThemeKit introduced (Experimental, Get it from here:

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a case where Sabiiro will fail to write the config file for some users
  • WebView2 is now bundled with the app, Cider will be an overall larger package due to this.


  • Fixed window vibrancy not working correctly on macOS.