Cider Release 2.3.2 Prereleases

2.3.2 Prerelease 15

  • Various changes to Library Artists
    • Library Artists now uses the same rich media item grid as Library Albums
    • Fixed search and brought up to the same standard as Library Albums and Library Songs
    • Artists now have their rating displayed
    • Artist radios can now be started from the artist page
  • Rich Album Grid changes
    • Added favorite status to album details
    • Albums are now cached for faster loading
    • Adjusted breakpoints
    • Improved visuals
  • Experimental: Mini Player single-line lyrics
    • Right click the lyrics icon in the mini player to enable while it is in the Square mode
  • On client search now supports accented characters
    • Example: The Marías can now be found by searching the marias or any other variation
  • Added some caching options under General -> Caching
    • Added option to cache Library Albums
    • Added option to cache Artist Chips
  • Relocated Updates to underneath the Settings option from the main menu
  • Fixed bug where switching between Queue and History directly would not work

2.3.2 Prerelease 13 / 14

Quick patch for PR12 that addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed tracks list not overflowing correctly and getting cut off
  • Ongoing WIP adjustments to how the grid flow is calculated
  • When the height of the window is too small, the scroll position will default to the bottom of the shelf content

2.3.2 Prerelease 12

  • New: Library Albums page now features a richer view of the albums in your library
    • Album content is now displayed inline underneath their cover art when you click on an albums artwork
    • Improved scrolling performance
    • Updated some parts of the album page to match library songs style
    • Navigating back to the library albums page will now resume at the same scroll position
    • Note: Depending on when you added the album to your library, some albums may not have fully colorized content
  • Added Tweak: Rich Album View -> Scroll To Position
    • Options: Top or Bottom
    • Bottom may be preferred if you generally use smaller window heights or have a smaller screen

2.3.2 Prerelease 10

  • Added: Immersive will now start in fullscreen when holding shift while clicking the icon
  • Added: Favorites Only filter to Library Albums
  • Added: Implementing code for upcoming Cider Marketplace (Themes)
  • Fix: More adjustments to Favorites code
  • Fix: Various adjustments to Cider Remote/Connect relay
  • Fix: Added scrolling to AirPlay connection panel
  • Fix: Adjustments and optimizations to Media Item Properties panel
  • Fix: Fixed previews on Suggested Songs and Playlist editor being too loud
  • Fix: Fixes window controls being visible in fullscreen

2.3.2 Prerelease 8 / 9

  • Fixes issues related to favorites in last prerelease
  • Fixes Add to Library on favorite not having any effect
  • Apple Music API requests are now handled with our own API fetching function instead of MusicKit

2.3.2 Prerelease 7

  • The Bug Report button now automatically send build details
  • Added Copy Build Info on About page
  • Changes to how favorites are fetched on playlist/albums
  • Immersive menus now affect the whole menu
  • Changes related to upcoming Cider Remote improvements
  • Some partial sourcemaps are now shipped in updates to help with troubleshooting issues
    • This means that the DevTools console will now show where console messages and errors are located in the source code.
  • Autoplay icon in queue now only shows when it is available

2.3.2 Prerelease 6

  • Fixes Charts brick on Search landing page
  • Several changes to ratings / favorites implementation
  • Various changes related to upcoming Cider Remote improvements

2.3.2 Prerelease 5

  • Added Saturation and Contrast ratio controls to Immersive
    • Repurposed "Set Max Brightness" to "Adjust Visuals"
  • Fixed Immersive visuals looking too flat due to some scaling values not being adjusted correctly
  • Fixed volume bar not being visually affected by RPC
  • Fixed inLibrary and isFavorited in WS RPC being flipped
  • Fixes autoplay state between sessions
  • Changed left sidebar max width to 360
  • Fixed LastFM on Windows auth not working without first enabling RPC server

2.3.2 Prerelease 4

  • Added new built-in font "Figtree"
  • Added General -> Prompt on close when music is playing
  • Improved sidebar drawer when app is in small portrait mode
  • Changed Immersive menu styling and item organization
  • Discord RPC details are state are now truncated to 128 characters to meet restrictions
  • Fixed the (X) clear button on playlist track search box not clearing
  • Search box on library songs is now a toggleable button that automatically focuses the input when it's shown
  • Slightly adjusted progress bar colors

2.3.2 Prerelease 3

  • Artist feed page when clicking on the Your Artist Feed text in Home (WIP)
  • Fixed favorites not working when AMFetch is enabled
  • Updated dependancies
  • Improved Media Item grid responsive appearance, some examples are Rooms, Recently Added, Albums.
  • Added Visual -> Content Preferences -> Hide Hero Items on Browse
  • Added Visual -> Content Preferences -> Move "More To See" links on Browse to top
  • Fixed animated artwork not playing on Artist pages
  • Fixed artist artwork being distorted when the artist does not have a Hero or Video artwork
  • Improved Artist page loading code

2.3.2 Prerelease 2

  • New unified styling class for titles with badges (like explicit)
  • Library songs now shows explicit
  • Various styling consistancy improvements
  • Expanding sidebar items have their expansion target moved to the right
  • Added "Show in Apple Music" and "Show in Now Playing" to the now playing and queue context menu
  • Fixes issue where selected update branch notification preference wouldn't save properly

2.3.2 Prerelease 1

  • Revamped What's New panel
    • The What's New dialog has been improved to show the biggest changes in the latest version of Cider at a glance.
  • Fixed an issue where ThemeKit themes could not use @import rules.
  • Playback notifications now close automatically after 5 seconds.
  • New Experiment: New Queue List
    • Replaces the current queue with a new, more powerful queue list. Featuring multi-selection and a new UI.
  • "Prereleases" is now available as an option for "Get notifications for branch" in Updates
  • Improved prerelease update notifications, they now take priority over stable updates until the newer stable version is released.