Cider 2.x General Changes

Cider 2.x General Changes

This is just a combination post of all the changes made to Cider 2.x at this given time, we'll be doing separate posts from here on out.

Nov 8th 2022

  • Developer Inspect option is now disabled by default
  • Missing element text on browse is now gone
  • Multi item dragging in playlist editor (WIP)
  • Added Netease lyrics as backup lyrics source
  • The new artist picker is now available on most elements with artists when clicked
  • Fixed some issues with the Properties panel on Now Playing
  • Fixed issue where shuffle enabled would interfere track selection
  • Mojave player position now has scrolling text for long title, album, and artist names
  • Volume is now saved between sessions
  • Show complete album now displays on library albums

Nov 5th 2022

  • Added Item Properties for detailed info about tracks and albums
  • Added the missing views for albums
  • Fixes issue where having the player on top would block the tabs in settings
  • (Testing/Experimental) Added Advanced > Chromium Switch Presets Offers 3 options: Default, Performance, and Power Saver

Nov 4th 2022

  • Adds Player Position with Mojave and Mavericks
  • Fixes elements not being correctly aligned when player position was set to top
  • Fixed bug where elements would go missing
  • Adds Discord RPC with the statues: Cider 2, Cider, and Apple Music
  • Last window size and position are now saved
  • Adds early AirPlay support (Settings > General > AirPlay)

Nov 1st 2022

  • Testing a fix for unavailable playlist items
  • Animated artwork now has a configurable framerate limit (default: 30)

Oct 31st 2022

  • Settings is now in its own popup view
  • Added animated backgrounds for Immersive, it can be disabled under visual
  • Fixes uploaded albums not opening correctly
  • Added "Open URL..." option under the main menu > Apple Music to open Apple Music URLs
  • Reenabled MediaSessionService under Linux until MPRIS is reimplemented

Oct 29th 2022

  • Adds Immersive view, can be accessed from the main menu (testing) Immersive view will be the basis for full screen mode
  • Adds Private Session in main menu
  • Adds Autoplay to queue
  • Tracks in queue can now be played by double clicking them
  • Adds experimental settings: "Artwork Loading Method" offers "lazy" and "eager" "lazy" is the default setting and prioritizes performance and memory usage. "eager" loads artwork faster but could increase initial page load times and memory usage.

Oct 28th 2022

  • Adds Add to Last Playlist (Testing, feedback wanted if it doesn't work for you)
  • Updated app icon to a more nightly looking version
  • Enables the share options in the context menus
  • Testing out new custom lyrics display

Oct 27th 2022

  • Adds disliking tracks and albums
  • Small styling changes
  • Storefront region adjustments
  • Updated context menu style

Oct 24th 2022

  • Adds Start Radio for songs
  • Adds context menu for now playing, can be accessed with right click or clicking the artwork
  • Fixed an issue where the small player would have low quality artwork
  • Changed when ratings are loaded to reduce network calls

Oct 20th 2022

  • Adds Charts page
  • Added a few memory optimizations
  • Adds Multiroom pages
  • Adds Hardware Acceleration option (WebGPU)
  • Fixes issue where context menu may not be usable if it extends to the title bar
  • Config now saves to disk as config.json

Oct 18th 2022

  • Reworked list item component with track ratings, add to library, and a better layout
  • Item context menus now have Show Artist and Show Album. Show artist will prompt which artist to go to if there are multiple
  • Fixed a edit playlist not saving for some new playlists
  • Album descriptions have been corrected to get their longer versions if available
  • Fixed double window chrome under Linux

Oct 14th 2022

  • Library Albums
  • Small UI tweaks when running under Windows (title bar buttons)
  • The port for preview builds has changed to 9500 to avoid conflicts, this will require you to sign in again.
  • Added recently added
  • Tweaks to queue
  • Adaptive colors is no longer disabled
  • List Items (Songs) can now be added to playlists
  • Fixed the blurry orange border
  • Animated artwork will now properly stop when the window is unfocused
  • Apple Music Stations now work (Personal Station, Apple Music 1)

This is the end! Thanks for reading and we'll keep you up to date on all of our products via this channel for the upcoming months.