Cider Release 2.4.1

What's new

Immersive Sing Along

  • A new mode that centers on lyrics and animations
  • Has its own set of options where the user can customize the experience using CSS, transitions are handled using the Vue tag. Docs for Vue transitions can be found here
  • Includes presets for custom animations
  • Toggle is next to the Coverflow button
  • Changed how Immersive layouts handle idle time
  • Improved lyric instrumental animation

Album Page

  • Upcoming albums now display when they will be released in days, weeks, and months.

Library Music Videos Experimental feature for Library Music Videos

  • Enable in Experiments -> Enable Library Music Videos

Library Albums

  • When sorting by Artist, albums will now be sorted in order of release
  • Added Genre, Release Date sorting to sort by genre and then sort by release date
  • Album release date now shows when album is expanded

Radio Episodes

  • Partial support for Radio Episodes in MusicKit JS has been enabled by default in Cider
    • Still a little buggy may require reloading the app before some episodes play


  • Added support for Plain Cards (ex. 100 Best Card on Home)


  • WIP Added support for Replay by Month


  • New defaults for first time users
    • Calico is now the default layout
    • Compact is the default player
  • Double clicking Songs on sidebar will now shuffle songs
  • Under the hood build system change Updated to Quasar V2 and Vite 5


  • The Library tab in the Search view has temporarily been removed as it was not working will be reintroduced and reworked in either 2.4.2-2.4.3


  • Fixed live radios on compact Mojave player showing progress bar instead of "LIVE"
  • Stop button now shows on live radios since it is not possible to pause them
  • Changed mask for lyrics when not in Immersive mode
  • Progress bar no longer blocks space bar from playing/pausing the player when focused
  • Fixes search categories on search landing page
  • Fixes a bug where lyrics in the sidebar did not correctly apply a top offset causing them to be obscured by the fading effect.
  • Various fixes to Live Radios (Apple Music 1)
    • Quick Actions on compact player should work properly now.
    • Quick Actions will now hide themselves during breaks.
    • Fixed song name, artist, and album not displaying properly, instead just showing the radio name
    • Fixed Add To Library and Favoriting not working
  • Fixes to Cider personal home greeting