Cider 2.x Beta 19

Cider 2.x (Beta 19)

In this build

🆕: Command Palette

  • The command palette can be accessed with SHIFT + SPACE
  • Search for songs, artists, and albums quickly from the catalog
  • Hitting ENTER while in the input box will instantly select the first item
  • Shortcut filter operators (before anything else):
  • ! will filter the search for only songs
  • @ will filter for artists
  • # will search your library playlists More filter operators and a more results option will be available to the command palette a future build

Client Updates

  • FIX: Fixed long playlists/albums loading duplicate data
  • ADDED: Disc numbers are now displayed on albums
  • MISC: This build features a new custom developed drag and drop interaction solution, it has been applied under the Queue and the Playlist Editor
    • ⚠️ Known issue: Queue will sometimes ignore the first sort you do, after that it will work as normal.


  • Updated Listen Together link generation
  • Coming Soon: OBS Web Source
  • Coming Soon: Scrobbling